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What our customers are saying:

Energized group of people. Congratulations! team excellent effort. You really are changing peoples lives!

Sunita Pillay

These guys are excellent. They are passionate about their work and go out of their way to make sure you get the attention you need to learn! I am happy to recommend them to anyone who needs help with their studies.

Mohlani Kusley

The team is professional, fun and keep the kids interactive and wanting to learn. My daughter's confidence has large leaps with maths and english. The price is so worth it. Thanks so much.

Olivia Mia

Amazing principal with great trainers. I met with Avikash who is the current principal . He basically said to me this " We tutor student's as a whole, we are not about giving kids worksheets for completion, we transform students making them believe they can do more than they think" Which caught my attention because every tuition company I went with they pretty much only support you with what you require. ADT support students in all aspects becoming bright students. My Sons overall behavior improved making his class teacher wonder. I am not looking any further. Australian Direct Tutoring will be my one stop tutoring business for my children. Cheers Guys!

Steve Paul

A friend recommended for me to try their service. Am glad i did! Hats off to the team for their hard work and dedication. These guys are committed in training kids to be top of the leader boards. So, Ill continue to recommend others to try and enjoy adt! 

Danny Riscco 

Highly recommend these amazing people! They have changed the way my child studies and the amount of confidence my son has built. My son took the first lesson and said "mum i am happy with them and would like to continue twice a week" Amazing! 

Isabella Odhorthy

These guys are excellent. They are passionate about their work and go out of their way to make sure you get the attention you need to learn! I am happy to recommend them to anyone who needs help with their studies.

Dave Robertson

Surprised  how cheap they are whilst super effective. My daughter taken 1 lesson with their tutor and he was amazing.  they really know what they are doing. my daughter will continue taking tuition with them from now. 

Amelia Shagan 

My son was struggling with Maths and keeping up with the grades for a long time. I saw Australian Direct Tutoring ad on google and taught to give them a try. After a few lesson my son start enjoying one on one lessons and wanted to continue. I was concerned because i had to send close to $100 week on his tutoring. But after a month i went to his school for a parent interview and his teacher said your son has improve dramatically and he got B on his report card, before he use to get D or sometimes C. I now happy to send that $100 a week without any problem. Thank you Team. 

Sophia Kane

The Team has change both of my sons mindsets towards academic work and that they are able to achieve anything they put their mind towards.

Alex Balvert

Great tutors = Great Students is all I can say. Love these guys

Meagan Laurie

I can see my son making huge improvements thanks to the trainer (Aman) he is amazing. My son really enjoys lesson and finds tutoring lessons extremely helpful.

Shannon Morison

What a wonderful business who truly worries about students education. They are consistently in touch with updates and reports. What I love about Australian Direct Tutoring is they instantly plan "Future Improvement Goals" after each report. Ensuring the students reach their target. Simply amazing!

Shelly Bradley 

Adt is a business that embodies professionalism to provide its clients with the best experience to assist them wherever they may need. Tutors work hard to know what to teach students and can be confident that the highest calibre of tutors has been highered

Jason Mathews 

My daughter has been receiving tutoring for 16mths now and my son 4 months. Both my husband and myself have found the tutors exceptional. We have seen fantastic results with both of our children and they continue to thrive in this environment, in both the one on one tutoring. Jeff is a remarkable person, very approachable, extremely helpful and caring and does go that extra mile to help his clients. I have no hesitation in recommending adt if you are looking for top class tutors.

Rebecca Hunt

My son is progressing well and has now moved up ranks in his maths class. His tutor  has motivated him to work at his best. 

It is amazing, highly recommended. One on one tutor is indeed better as the learning is customised to my son's needs. 

Debbie Alians 

Excellent service, great trainer. Always showing willingness to support to their best ability. Loving the team and will continue to use their tutoring servicing.

Nick Bradson 

These guys are simply AMAZING! I am a single parent with very low income. Adt was able to apply discounts and offer lengthy payment due dates. It has really helped me alot. I use to send my son to another tutoring company, but when a friend recommended me to adt I gave it a shot and found adt was way helpful than any other tutoring company. best service.

Kellie Bills

Super cool team. Great trainers very professional and friendly. Cheers!

Chris Edwards

Amazing Principal with awesome tutors. Go to them if your child is struggling academically. 

Emma Woods 

I really like their new program " Personal Academic Trainer" where their focus on all aspects not just homework help. I can see wonderful improvements and happy to continue the lessons.

Bethany Williams

My son is in grade 4 who always struggles in Maths and English. After 6 months of academic training my son is getting great results whilst hes learnt to maintain good health. I can really say they are more than tutoring company. Thanks soo much guys.

Tom Ye Pham

Avikash is an amazing principal who encourages, motivates and built confidence in my children. I hardly had time to my children as a single parent and workload. The principal gave really good strategies to maintain those "parent & children" relationships and how to best support my children so they don't fall behind. Biggest part of it is my children loves the trainers and how adt works in general. Amazing!

Cassey Dave Consour

BRILLIANT! Spoke with Aviakash who's the principal today. All I can say is " BRILLIANT! Very supportive and understanding on what a child requires. My son who hates social connections, now loves making healthy friendships. His attending sports sessions on weekends with mates. They have taught him how to manage both Social and Learning without any fall backs or discomfort. His time management is perfect. Problem is, I have to keep up with him. (which is great to see). Adt are always in contact with you to check on you, which shows how much they prioritize. Simply BRILLIANT!

Stephan Neomazc