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"Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught."


Australian Direct Tutoring is an In-Home Tutoring Service based in Brisbane offering support across all subjects and year levels from Primary school to Secondary School.

Australian Direct Tutoring was introduced in early 2013, tutoring a small group of students in a local library. Later, we realized that basic tutoring was not enough to gain and maintain high academic results with our students. Having frustrated Students and Parents, we needed to find a way to transform those grades and ease of frustration.

In order to pull our Australian Education system to the next level, we introduced Personal Academic Training. Our trainers focus closely on supporting students, enhancing their mindset, building self-confidence, motivating for success, mentoring for career development, study plans, and many more! For this reason, we know our students can do more than we think!

We have an extensive recruitment process with in-depth training to ensure we have selected the right candidate to support your child. Our trainers are able to personally travel to private homes. This allows us to tutor students in an environment that is safe, familiar, and comfortable with them. Due to our exceptional training process, our trainers are armed and able to tutor students successfully according to our own Academic Personal Training systems, strategies, and programs.

ADT has partnered with State Schools across Queensland to send and receive your child's academic and performance reports. This will help ADT trainers to plan lessons effectively targeting areas where the student lacks to strive.

Avikash A Narayan

In terms of our school tutoring, our trainers personalize the study tailored to student's needs. Our main aim with the goal is to understand and strengthen their learning style and making a solid foundation for the future. As we adopt this process we strongly believe that we are key in opening potentials and leading students towards success.

Australian Direct Tutoring is renowned for its scholarship where learning is inspirational, challenging, and rewarding.

We are a place in which challenge and choice create opportunities for each and all students to excel to hold our motto “Every Student Matters, Every Moment Counts”.

Question is, Will your child be our next high achiever?

We look forward to being working with you and making an incredible transformation for the academic year 2022 and beyond. "An institute that is loved and trusted by many."

Mr. Avikash Narayan



Providing comprehensive, individually focused learning that prepares students of all ages for academic and life success, based upon their unique needs and goals.


We believe a supplemental educational program should...

  • Provide a positive experience and opportunities for every student to improve their skills and self- esteem.
  • Deliver customized educational programs signed to build the foundations of their future success by helping them to become independent learners.
  • Help all our students to achieve their personal education goals;
  • Deliver programs for each student to cultivates the learning skills necessary for life success.
  • Be supported by a highly- qualified team of professionals who understand and meet the needs of each student.


Bennie Karline - Father of Jacob Karline