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We believe that every student should reach their full potential. This is why we have set strategies in place that will help our students to excel not just whilst at school but lifelong. Our Academic trainers are armed with knowledge across the Australian Curriculum with full training and experience.  

We are an institute that will not leave your child hanging on the edge. ADT trainers will be monitoring students' progression at the end of each term. Based on this result, and a cross-check report received by your child's school, ADT will re-plan lessons and target activities where necessary. 

Contacting your child's school for reporting?

The life of a parent can be extremely difficult and overwhelming. Parents are busy with their jobs and other commitments. For this reason, students may not get the quality time and support that their parents should be giving. A disadvantage, students can get sidetrack from their learning which in turn reflects on their grades.

This is where Australian Direct Tutoring can help both parents and students without worry. ADT has partnered with QLD State Schools to request and receive student reporting. Of course, we will require your signature consent in order to go forward. This will be offered at enrolment.

Parents can focus on their work while we strengthen your child's academic skills. An institute that is loved and trusted by many.

Below are the types of information we request from your child's school.

Past Term Report Card

Past Term Report card helps ADT to keep a track of results and view teacher feedbacks.

Term Unit Planner

Unit Planner helps ADT to be prepared of uncoming units/ tasks. Ensuring we have resources and support ready for your child.

Monthly Student Report

School will send ADT your child's progess report to know how they are preforming along with class teacher recommendation on areas to target and strengthen. 

Trainer + Teacher Contact

Our Academic Trainers will be in regular contact with your child's class teacher. This is help our trainers to effectively manage session plans and making them productive and worthwhile.

Subjects we tutor?



Science / Social Science

History | HASS

Student's Learning Program

Each of our primary school tutoring programs is personally tailored to each individual student. Our primary goal is to understand, appreciate, and strengthen our primary school students, to provide a solid foundational basis for their educational journey ahead. We work one on one with students to determine their strengths, weaknesses, interests, and learning language, which in turn helps develop their very own personalised program.

Throughout this process, we continually aim to create a strong base of support for primary school students to access, which includes their tutor, parent or guardian, and teachers. With their input, support, and encouragement, we believe every single student will flourish!

We will travel to you! No need to spend your precious time in traffic.

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