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Many students fail to understand why they receive low band score. About 94% of students repetitively sits the test without having a clue of why they failed their last test. This is waste of time and loss of money! It is time you find out the areas you lack towards and look at ways to improve.


During Covid 19, students are having great difficulty with exam preparation. Lack of focus, motivation, self-confidence has left them worried. ADT has developed new packages and discounted lessons to help students to regain where they left. 

We are currently receiving high demand for enrollments, don't leave it till too late! 

Book 5 Lessons and Receive a $60 worth Writing Book developed by the Examiner for FREE.

Why choose us?

During the past 9 years, we have successfully supported over 7,000 students with their IELTS Preparation. Learning English for Non- Native speakers is extremely difficult, therefore, we personalize each lessons based on your level. We are also aware that many cannot afford for lesson fees, which is why we are known to be the cheapest tutoring service in Australia. We value your time and education, let us help you reach your desired band score.

How we Tutor Students?

Good Question ! 

Firstly, A mock test for writing is given. This let's the trainer understand your current level of knowledge, based on that, we personalize lessons to deconstruct those areas to improve. 

Students will have access to our Student Portal where they can communicate with their tutor outside lesson hours.

Speaking plays a vital role with writing. The trainer will consistently monitor your writing and speaking, until we say YOUR READY! 

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The Benefits 

One on One Training

One on One training that targets closely on what needs to be improved. It gives students opportunity to freely ask any questions and most importantly, full attention is given by the trainer.

Affordable & Expert Trainers

The lesson is affordable, installment payment plan are in place for students with financial difficulties. Our expert trainers are highly trained in IELTS and are in business for over 5 years.


Students can book a lesson with flexibility. Our trainers work 7 days a week including public holiday. There is no need to wait for a lesson. Book Today!



We supply our own writing materials to students. The materials are examiner written and is verified. 

The materials include: 

  • Both General and Academic 
  • General Training - Letter Tips
  • Samples Response with Examiner Feedback
  • Vocabulary practices & samples
  • 60 Letter Practices
  • 39 Academic Task 1 - Practices
  • Academic Task 1- Guide, Language to use
  • Grammar Accuracy Activities 
  • 165 Task 2 - Practices
  • Task 2 Structures
  • How to write an Introduction
  • How to write Effective Conclusion 
  • How to Paraphrase
  • Linker's and Phrases
  • Conditional Sentences
  • Tense to Use
  • Common Errors Explained  

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Request a FREE phone consultation. 

Let us understand your requirements better.