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Solve your Math's Problems

1 October 2020

Useful Resources on Mathematics 

These short videos are created as teaching tools for students of Mathematics, using the Australian curriculum for grades 7-10 (ACARA) and QLD syllabuses for senior students.

We encourage all senior students to browse through the videos and excel at school!

Videos are created by Natalie McClatchey who is a Maths Teacher in Queensland.

Link for Videos

Applying for Job 

20 June 2020

Useful Downloadable Resources 

We understand how stressful life can be in preparation for a Job lookout. Some useful resources prepared to help students become job active. 

We would love to hear your reviews on our resources if you found them useful, send your response to [email protected]

Cover Letter Sample       

Interview Skills                

Letter of Application       

Personal Presentation      

Resume Template 1          

Resume Template 2         

Resume Template 3         

Sample Application Letter

Parent Guide - Home schooling during Covid-19

23 March 2020

Queensland Schools Online Curriculum

Education Queensland has released the first two weeks of online curriculum for prep to year ten. The Online Curriculum is in downloadable PDF worksheet format. If there are circumstances in your household that interrupt your child's’ normal school attendance you can access the learning resources provided on Department of Education website for your child to complete at home.

Students who struggle with home education, please contact us we are more than happy to make arrangements for our Academic trainers to support online or at home.

We remind parents and students to not take education lightly. If the student is at home, we encourage them to take few hours to study per day. This helps to keep up with what was being taught in class. The last thing parents need is when students fall behind resulting low grades. 

Seeking for advises  

Do not hesitate to ask for support. If parents are "acting" teachers during this isolation period, at some point if you struggle to teach or need few strategies to keep students focused, contact us. 

Lets be honest, many parents are not so involved, engaged with their child's homework due to busy work schedules. Take the time now to spend at least 2 hours reviewing and tracking their work. 

Parent Guide - Anxiety: Strategies to Help Anxious Children 

27 March 2020

Let's face it, anxiety is extremely common in children. Though, we should not ignore as it could affect children in many different ways.  Recently, we conveyed a short survey to our locals and found more than 285 families said "not too sure" around 177 families said " yeah, I know a little" and only 96 families said "Yes, I have a satisfactory knowledge". For this reason, we have prepared a document with basic ways to handle such situations. It is evident that individuals have a busy schedules with very limited spent with their children, therefore, it is essential to show your child different ways to handle anxiety themselves with minimal supervision. 

Manage Anxiety