Connecting Students and Tutor

  • Your child will be connected with a tutor who meets their personality, availability, and learning style.
  • Tutoring plans will be individualized to meet students learning styles.
  • Tuto and student to create a bonding, ensuring they are conformable and develop self- confidence.
  • Tutors will create plans to excel in all subjects 
  • Flexible tutoring conducted where students feel comfortable for example, at home or in the library. We come to you!
  • Parent and tutor meetups to discuss progress and future goals. 

Creating High Performance Learning

  • Australian Direct Tutoring will be a partner with your child's class teacher to align sessions around what is being taught in class.
  • Students and teacher collaboration mentoring.
  • Strategies to focus on own learning at school
  • Healthy lifestyles nutrition will be taught.
  • Ways to study smarter not harder.

Transitioning school to work life.

  • Students will be guided year after year on their career paths and choices.
  • Installing a positive mindset to succeed, not forgetting being motivated.
  • Helping students with anxiety and stress relief.

Flexibility to Suit Families 

  • Learn at your own comfort. environment that feels, safe and familiar.  Our trainers come to you!
  • Schedule sessions when they suit you. Our trainers work 7 days a week, including public holidays. 
  • Easily Reschedule sessions when things get busy. No problem! 



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